EZM Driveline – This is the brand name under which EZM can supply you with bright steel in drawn, ground and ground-and-polished versions in virtually all cold-formable alloyed and carbon steel grades. The products are characterised by great dimensional accuracy and high-quality, bright surfaces. Compared to rolled and forged products, cold-drawn bright steel offers the advantage of a greater range of processing options. Of very special importance in this context is a lead-alloyed carbon steel for diesel injection pumps. The unique properties of this EZM speciality offer the perfect answer to such contradictory demands as maximum pressure resistance, on the one hand, and optimum machining properties, on the other. EZM also specialises in the processing of ball bearing steels/antifriction bearing steels.




EZM Profiline – This EZM brand name stands for cold-drawn standard sections and special sections to customer drawings in virtually all steel materials. Optimum heat-treatment, pickling and coating facilities are available for every material group. As a result of the continuous improvement of our in-house tool production operations, EZM can manufacture sections whose geometry and shape are as near as possible to the net shape, maintaining the tightest tolerances and producing flawless surfaces. Our cold-drawn sections are successfully used when metal cutting is uneconomical due to the great effort and material losses involved, or when the section is to be given specific properties that can only be achieved by targeted cold-forming.



Präzisblankstahl_pikt.pngSpecial customer requirements occasioned us to produce selected bright steel specialities – known as precision bright steel. The characteristic fea-tures of this precision bright steel are the producible materials, the attainable tolerances, the achievable surfaces, the available bar lengths and the obtainable strengths.




Rostfreie_pikt.pngEZM Chiruline – It is under this brand family name that EZM offers a com-plete range of stainless high-grade steels, EZM Chirusteel, and titanium alloys, EZM Chirutan, for implants and surgical instruments for the medical sector – from semi-finished products to finished pieces. The materials are already precisely geared to the end-products and meet the toughest demands.





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