EZM offers a comprehensive line of drawn bright steel and cold-drawn sections for diverse applications in the medical sector. They range from implant material, such as screws, nails, bone plates, fixation systems, drill and cerclage wires, to bright steel and sections for surgical instruments, as well as sections for hospital equipment.


Our drawn bright steel and cold-drawn sections are subjected to intensive controls. Only bars with an absolutely flawless and residue-free surface are shipped. Medical progress also imposes growing demands on the materials used.


In close cooperation with our customers and professional associations, EZM engages in constant, targeted development work in order to also be able to supply its medical products in titanium.



Titanium nailTitannagel.png   Titanium implantTitanplatte.png   Hip jointHüftgelenk.png   Implants/Fixation systemsImplante/Fixiersysteme_Rostfreie Edelstähle und Titanlegierungen



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