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It all began with "Stahlwerk Mark" in 1906

The foundations for the "Stahlwerk Mark" steelworks were laid in 1906. The first product was cast iron, followed by cast steel. The name came from the former County of Mark, to which Wengern belonged. The works had a varied history, employing 200 people in 1920 and 1,200 in 1943. In the course of the years, the steelworks became a significant economic factor in the region and a vitally important employer for the people in the wider area. The workforce again totalled more than 600 employees after the War. The company's customers included almost all of Germany's leading plant manufacturers, such as DEMAG, GHH, Klöckner Humboldt Deutz, MAN and SIEMAG. Nonetheless, problems arose as time passed, ending in bankruptcy. Following the forced sale, the works passed to Gussstahlwerk Witten in 1964.

The wire-makers in the Thyssen Group

Bright steel production was transferred from Witten to Wengern in about 1965, and the Witten works, and thus also Wengern, was already part of Thyssen Edelstahlwerke in the 1980s. Together with the wire-drawing facilities in Krefeld, Wengern was the largest stainless-steel wire producer in Europe from the mid-1980s. In 1988, the works had a monthly output of 2,600 tonnes of rolled wire and 3,200 tonnes of bright steel. The wire-drawing operation in Wengern was home to the management of the Bright Steel Division of Thyssen Edelstahlwerke from 1987. The further steps up to the start of the EZM era: Thyssen Edelstahlwerke until 30.9.1992, Thyssen Draht until 30.9.1994, Edelstahlzieherei Mark until 30.9.1997 and, finally, EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark from 1.10.1997. There are no longer any smoking chimney stacks at the Wengern works. There are no longer any smelting furnaces. Today, the production operations on the green banks of the River Ruhr are characterised by cold forming. 

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